The Unzipped Podcast is a lifestyle podcast for ambitious women who are creating the life they truly want, manifesting, and going after their dreams; from family to career. Hosted by Shakira Shenee' and Mary Elle, two women who march to their own beat and share life experiences that women can relate too. Let’s transform our lives together! Join Shakira and Mary each week for fearless conversations, empowering interviews, and true inspiration.

Born in the Bronx, New York of Jamaican parentage. My upbringing was one of tenacity, hard work and pride ensuring that I have a voice that can connect to any and all people. I started my career in Fashion and soon became engulfed in the world of Beauty. Throughout my journey, one thing always remained: empowering and inspiring women to live a life of purpose.


After a decade in the beauty industry working with powerful brands like Sephora, Caudalie, Tarte and more, I gained insight not only into beauty but the powerful women behind the brands. How did they get there…? This was the question that I needed answered. There and then my journey began.


Through attending Marie Forleo class in BSchool and over 100’s of masterclass and seminars alike. I now have found the answer and it was simple. These women believed they could. That was the pivotal moment of self-reflection where I decided that I have a blueprint of my own journey! Now I have intertwined my journey with a like-minded, fearless woman, Mary Elle and together we are here to Inspire and Motivate women different and alike to believe in themselves and go after their purpose.


Join us on this Unzipped Journey!  


My name is Mary Lindsay known as “MaryElle” my initials. I’m a native from the Nation’s Capital Washington, DC. I currently reside in Atlanta, Ga for the past 13 years, divorcee and a mom of my squad of 4 age’s 7-19!

I grew up with humble beginnings with amazing parents.  A Mother and Father that taught me whatever I wanted in life I had to work for it.  That made me very eager ask a kid to make my own money.  I got my first job at a law firm at the age of 13.  You got it, I walked in and just asked for it and they laughed but I walked out having my very first paid job.


That showed me at the young age of 13 when you want something go for it!  The part of the story before I got the job, I went to about 9 different firms in that building and it was a NO.  But thanks to Hamilton, Gerald and Smith that was the start of not giving up.


My professional career has been in the beauty & cosmetic industry for over 20 years.   I currently work as an Executive for one of the top makeup companies in the industry.  The beauty industry is perceived to be about vanity, but it’s so much more than “lipstick” as I have been told.  It’s about empowerment for all!!   No matter of your age, sex, race, creed or religion.  This industry is a personal field where I feel I’m not just an artist or an executive but I’m a life coach and most importantly it allows me to be a student of life.


This bring me to my why? Podcasting…I was a novice until I was introduced to a show to uplift my spirit during a troubled time.  I later discovered that podcast had many different platforms that would have me in the car laughing so hard that it would brightens my day.  Podcast that are motivational, educational or even some taboo topics. 


That’s when I my Ah ha moment hit!!!!  I wanted to do the same as I do in the beauty industry but on a different platform to reach possibly hundreds, thousand or even millions.  Yes, I think big!!! Why not as we all should.  I want to share my experiences, struggles and inspire. I want to hear your experiences, bring experts that can make us better.  I want to bring laughter, motivation, hope and most importantly that we all have a connection and can learn from one another.

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