3 Mindset Shifts You Need To Go From Employee to Self Employed

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

When I became a mother, I never once thought I would give up my career ambitions. I want to live in a world where it is normal for stay-at-home moms to make just as much money as they did when working outside the home, working part-time, or starting their own business.

So, I ran with that belief and jumped headfirst into entrepreneurship. Although I hit every possible mistake the first-time entrepreneurs make, I kept learning, improving, and growing. Now, I can look back and think of three things I wish I knew or understood when I first started.

These mindset shifts would have saved me from a lot of stress, self-doubt, overwhelm, imposter syndrome, the list goes on and on. The point is, you will probably struggle with these as well at some point when you first transition from stay-at-home mom to working from home mom, but I hope after reading this blog post, you can identify when these thoughts come up and feel more equipped to handle them.

What is a Mindset Shift?

Your mindset is your established way of thinking. It is how you think about things, how you view yourself, and how you view the world. For example, many people live their lives thinking they must go to college to get a good job. They spend their whole life working in jobs they do not love but they do it anyway because they have bills, that is what they were taught, and it’s what they know. They believe that’s how things just are. That is their mindset.

An entrepreneur or someone who wants to become an entrepreneur has a different mindset. They believe they can make a living happily working for themselves.

A mindset shift is where there is a change (often a drastic change) in those set beliefs.

We usually look for mindset shifts when something in our life feels out of balance, and our intuition suggests something needs to change.

My mindset shifts happened in 2020, during the lockdown. Being in isolation quarantined with a baby and a toddler, gave me plenty of time to think. It was a horrible, sad time for the world, but one positive thing that happened was I finally got clarity and my mindset on a few things did a 180 and shifted!

Mindset Shift #1: I Have Enough Money

Culturally, women make less money with each child they birth. This isn’t hard to believe because the more children we have, the more of our time and energy goes into raising them and the more jobs devalue us as employees.

It is harder for mothers to climb corporate ladders. It is also harder for mothers to earn the same salary as their coworkers without children. Then add in trying to juggle a 9 to 5 and still have energy to come home and be a mom. That is why so many women decide to start side hustles or businesses to provide them with the time and freedom to create the kind of day and life they want.

But then this mindset belief sets in, “I do not have enough money…” to start a business, invest in my business, hire help, etc.

The money mindset is, in my opinion, the hardest mindset to tackle, so we are not going to fix it in this one blog post, but you need to be aware of it because living with a lack mindset will keep you from making money.

Instead of always thinking you do not have money, shift your mindset, and start saying things that will attract money like “I have enough money to live the life I want”, or “I attract money easily”, or my favorite “making money is easy!”

The mind is a powerful muscle and like any muscle, you can shift your beliefs by training it to think otherwise. Start listening to personal development podcasts and read books about money attraction, money mindset and watch your mindset shift over time. What you think you become. So, start thinking about how easily money flows to you, and eventually, it will.

Mindset Shift #2: You Have Time

I do not have enough time. There is not enough time in the day. How many times have you said that? I know I’ve used these two phrases. This is very common for mothers because we give all our time away. But the truth is, that we do have time. We just need to make better decisions on what to do with our time.

When I first became an entrepreneur, I listened to many online gurus and thought I had to do all the things to make money from home. I tried being on every social media platform that was popular, I tried all the strategies and tactics, and I was a home newborn. It was exhausting and my time was not being used in the best way because I did not know better.

Well, I want you to know there is a smarter way for moms to make money from home. You do not have to hustle more than a 9 to 5iver to be successful as an entrepreneur. I repeat you do not have to hustle like crazy to be successful. We moms do not have time for that. It is not why we want to work from home, to begin with. It is acceptable and highly recommended for mom entrepreneurs to grow slowly by building sustainable evergreen businesses instead of growing fast and burning out quickly.

That is the new mindset shift you need to adopt. You do have enough time to work from home without sacrificing your happiness, your family, and your health.

Everything happens in perfect timing to God’s plan the way it was meant to. So let it be and enjoy the ride and stick around so I can cheer you on!

Mindset Shift #2: You Are Capable

The belief that you are not good enough or that you are not the right person to make money from home with your idea, keeps a lot of genius moms stuck or stops them from ever starting. It breaks my heart when another mom cannot see the potential, I see in them and their idea and never actually pursue them.

Even though it makes me sad, I will never sit up here and pretend I have not struggled with the belief, “I am good enough”. It is something I have struggled with for years and depending on the day, doubt still creeps in.

But let me tell you, you are fully capable and equipped to carry out the calling that was placed in your heart.

This is the mindset that will change how you show up for yourself and your business. It is the mindset that needs to be worked on constantly. You can have this all by deciding TODAY you are worthy of having it all. Deciding you are deserving of having the life you put on your vision board every year because you are.

God has given you all the time and resources you need to run your business and build your dreams.

God knows you are worthy of living out such a day - every day. Your idea is not a silly dream you have but something that will truly happen if you put your faith in knowing that God steered you on this path to be all that HE called you to be.

How Do You Make a Mindset Shift?

I’ve shared the three most important mindset shifts those stay-at-home moms need to make when becoming work from home moms, now how do you make the shifts? There are a few ways you can shift your negative mindset to a more positive one. 1) You can pray or meditate, whichever feels right for you. 2) Make personal development a priority for yourself. 3) Focus on your long-term vision 4) Accept that change will happen with or without you and decide you are ready to change with this exciting and fun new direction you are taking your life!

You have everything you need inside you to be the mompreneur you want to be. Trust that God brought you here for a reason. Have patience, stay focused, be consistent and listen to yourself. Trust yourself!

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