3 Misconceptions about Being a Digital Nomad Entrepreneur

Written by: Marinella Yule

Since 2019, I have been an entrepreneur and a digital nomad. Truthfully, COVID was a bit of a blessing in this way as everyone turned to working online so it wasn’t unusual to be working with someone in a different city, state, country, timezone, etc.

However, being a digital nomad is often glamorized. There are great moments! But, there can be some hard truths about this life that is not for everyone.

My biggest philosophy in life is, the more you know, the better decision you can make.

I decided to share 3 misconceptions that I believed in when I went into this lifestyle so you can have a better understanding. They are true, but they are also false.

You Can Work Anywhere

You CAN work from anywhere. This is a truth about being a nomad, BUT we have to keep in mind “digital.” Being digital is being online. The place you want to work, is there an internet connection? Is it strong and stable for Zoom calls or sending files?

While I have been traveling, this was one of the biggest questions I had to think about.

For example, I love camping, but how often does a campground in a National Park have Wifi right at your campsite?

In order to be a digital nomad and work where you want, you have to be creative and flexible.

Sometimes there is a cafe close by that you can drive to and access their Wifi. But other times, you might have to drive a bit out of the way.

If this is the case, then you have to plan your schedule accordingly.

You Set Your Schedule, No If’s or But’s About It

I knew about the Wifi situation beforehand, but I didn’t fully grasp this misconception until it actually happened to me.

Being a digital nomad, or working for yourself as an entrepreneur, we are often told how amazing it is to set your own schedule.

Wake up when you want, work when you want, etc.

This can be true, but, in my experience, there are more moments of when I work when my clients need me to.

For example, I teach English as well as run my marketing agency. With English classes, those are set times. I have times open online that students can book, but if I want to change my plans and take off on a Thursday for a long weekend, I can’t because I have those classes booked.

I could ask them to reschedule, but that isn’t very professional. They booked a class in advance and I have to honor that.

And, in regards to calls, sometimes I want to work on something on Monday, for example. But, my client is not available to call until Wednesday. I will have to wait until after our call to work on the project.

We often glamorize setting our own schedule, but we forget that we also have to follow our clients’ schedules.

This doesn’t mean to NOT have boundaries. One should always have boundaries. But entrepreneurs, especially digital nomads who can live in different time zones than their clients, need to be more flexible when setting their schedule.

“You Are Always Meeting New People”

This is another truth that is also a misconception. Usually, people say this when it comes to the excitement and adventure of meeting new people.

“You can grow your business network, possibly get new clients!”

This is all true, but what is also true is that you are ALWAYS meeting new people. Many digital nomads tend to work in co-working spaces to have an atmosphere of co-workers. But, being a digital nomad, you tend to move around.

Those same individuals at the co-working space can also move around too.

Working alone or with consistently new people can be tiresome and disheartening for some, maybe if you are a huge extrovert like me.

It is WORTH Being a Digital Nomad

At the end of the day, being a digital nomad is AMAZING! My goal in this article is to NOT sway you against it, but just to give you a heads up. Being an entrepreneur, and life in general, there are a lot of up’s and down’s and craziness. The best is to keep an open mind, keep pushing forward, and go with the flow.

These three things are essential in working, but also in any travel experience. Being a digital nomad is just that: Traveling + Working.

Good luck and have fun!

Author Bio:

Marinella Yule runs her own marketing consultancy where she helps other entrepreneurs bring out their brand voice through social media, website design, blog writing, SEO, and more. She believes marketing is a wide umbrella and all aspects are connected together. Apart from marketing, she teaches




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