A 3 Step Approach to Leveling Up any Business

Arianna Huffington referred to the last year as The Great Resignation, a time of women redefining their work-life balance. Many women started a new business venture or renewed their focus on their current business.

Either way, it’s an honor to be among the entrepreneurial shift that is taking place. Keep pushing, sis. There is someone next to you rooting for your success.

Speaking of your success, it is sweet but also intentional. As you continue to focus on scaling your business, remember to visualize, strategize, and actualize in this season.


Whether you speak to a mindset coach, work with a business coach, or receive a message from spiritual guidance, one thing that they will all have in common is the belief that your success starts in your mind.

In other words, girl, get your mind right!

The Tools for the job

  1. Journal (for real this time) - You are 42 percent more likely to achieve a goal if you write it down. That alone is a good enough reason to fall back on the tried and true tactics of good ole’ pen and paper.

  2. Pinterest - This is not a case of one or another, but instead, a complementary factor. Writing down your goals allows it to register in your mind what you intend to do. Creating a Pinterest board of your goals helps you see what it could look like when accomplished.


A dream without a plan is a hallucination. We are in the season of leveling up, which means making plans and sticking to them during this time of purposeful growth.

The tools for the job

  1. Calendars and Agendas - I’m sure you remember that schools gave agendas to every student in high school. It was a mandate. It was required for a reason - to teach accountability and learn how to keep a schedule. It worked well then and will work now.

  2. Habit Forming apps - Perhaps you are more tech-forward and prefer to keep your calendar via your iPhone or smartphone- download a habit-forming app such as Habitica, Habitity, or any of the similarities readily available in the app store. Success is a result of consistency.


A strong mind and consistent work will yield success, its science. It is essential that you believe in yourself and be prepared to receive all the fruits of your labor. As I said earlier, growing a business comes with its challenges. Still, when you possess the proper hardware, you will be prepared to handle the obstacles better.

The tools for the job

  1. A winning circle - Surrounding yourself with people who believe in you and inspire you is priceless. Clearly, your crew aren’t tools, but they directly contribute to your success, so make sure your circle is supportive and you support your circle.

  2. Affirmations - It’s essential to remind yourself of the positives of the journey to inspire you to keep moving forward.

Building a successful business is a marathon, and marathons require training, preparation, and the right gear. Your business needs the same commitment. See yourself exactly where you want to be, create a strategy to get there, and manifest the life you desire.

Written by: Kay Campfield


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