If you listened to Episode 2 of The Unzipped Podcast particularly towards the end of the episode you heard us chatting about” Our New Normal". It’s no secret that we are living in un for-seen times that have been tough for families all around the world. We all are now living in this new normal. But, now woman to woman, friend to friend, let’s talk about how the new normal has shifted as it pertains to beauty.

As women, we are so used to having our nail appt, wax appt. and hair appt locked in. Not being able to stick to that routine has been uncomforting to many but it has also been humbling. However, we all know the importance of staying at home. By staying home we are doing our part to flatten the curve.

So YES, no wax appt for us and if you’re like me you might even be losing a nail or two lol. But we wanted to share with you our favorite beauty products that we're using right now to maintain and keep our skin, hair, and nails happy and healthy.

First up let’s talk….


1. I am loving my CARE OF Vitamins! Care of Vitamins allows you to curate personalized vitamins that fit your needs. By taking a short quiz about your self-Care of will get your personalized recommendation backed by science. These vitamins are filled with Vitamin C, B, D, K2, Iron, Magnesium and so much more.

2. Nature Valley Hair Skin & Nails Gummies - These gummies not only taste good but supports lustrous hair, healthy nails, and vibrant skin. These delicious gummies have a bonus of 100 mg of Collagen per serving plus Biotin and antioxidants Vitamin C and E.


3. Dr. Dennis Gross Facial Peels - These peels are a complete GAME CHANGER! Using these peel pads is like bringing your esthetician home with you. It's filled with - Glycolic Acid to Reduces visible signs of aging. Salicylic Acid to Reduces pore blockages and supports natural collagen. Lastly, Lactic Acid to naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy acid that supports natural cell renewal. You can use these peels daily.

4. Awake Lip Therapy Mask - Wake up to the lips of your dreams – a pout that’s smooth, hydrated and super supple. Enjoy pillow-soft lips packed with good for your ingredients.

Concentrated oil blend of olive, argan, rosehip, and raspberry seed.


5. CURLSMITH Curl Quenching Conditioning Wash- This Curl Quenching Conditioning Wash is a conditioner with a few cleansing ingredients inside, which will help melt away dirt and buildup while being extremely gentle on the scalp, keeping the hair soft, moisturized and detangled without stripping away its natural oils. Because it’s so gentle, you can use it every day.

6. Dry bar The Brush Crush- Don’t have forever to sit and straighten your hair? You don’t need forever with the Dry bar Brush Crush! This heated straightening brush is combined with the heat of a flat iron with the structure of a paddle brush to create a smooth, frizz-free look in one easy step.


7. Tarte Shape Tape Concealer - This concealer is EVERYTHING!!!!! Its super creamy and super full coverage. It doesn’t crease and leaves your undereye super bright all day.

8. Benefit Gimme Brow - Perfect brows aren’t necessary while we’re stuck home during the quarantine but nice full tamed brows can do the trick. Benefit Gimme brows help to fill in your brows effortlessly and tame them for a full day of Netflix.


9. 100% Acetone -

You can find this anywhere unless it's sold out! But 100% acetone is the only way to soak off nails.

10.Kiss gel Fantasy ready to wear gel nails-

Yes, all of our nails are falling apart this is true! But now that we got them off with 100% acetone let’s get them cute again with some Kiss Fantasy ready nails. They come in so many different styles and are so easy to apply.

There you have its ladies!!

Let’s get cute and feel amazing with our Top 10 Cut List.

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