Brown Skin Girl - What you need to know about the Sun

Growing up I hated when my mom would drench my sister and I in sunscreen. The smell, the oily feeling and not to mention that cast of purplish-white that would cover my skin. At times it felt embarrassing to walk around the beach or waterpark. So growing up, I did everything to avoid that look and feel.

I would hear other black women and say " I don't need sunscreen- I'm Black" or "the sun loves my skin, I got that natural glow" I would be lying if I haven't said that myself. But here is the truth, Hyperpigmentation and Skin Cancer are a BITCH and it happens to us more than you know. So yes sis, we need to protect our skin too. So as I began my career in beauty I was introduced to so many options, some were NOT IT! Some tried but didn't quite cut it for me, but eventually, I found a few that were just right.

- Can be worn under makeup

- Great for oily/combo skin

- Doesn't leave a white film

- Longevity

- Clean and not filled with harsh chemicals

Now back in the day what I was looking for was borderline impossible to find But here is the BEAUTIFUL thing, we have so many amazing options and I got my favorites listed below.



$20 -34

This sunscreen answered all of my Matte prayers!! Perfect for under makeup! The original, totally invisible, weightless, scentless sunscreen

with SPF 40 leaves a velvety finish. This innovative, antioxidant-rich multitasker has a Unique oil-free formula that glides onto skin while providing broad-spectrum SPF 40 protection. Use it as a makeup-gripping primer under foundation when you want a little more coverage, or on its own if you want a more natural look. It’s a totally game-changing way to wear sunscreen every day, and it will have you SPF-Obsessed™.


Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen


This 2-in-1 moisturizer and sunscreen is lightweight, oil-free, and truly invisible on all skin tones. It claps back at dehydration, discoloration, dark spots. Makeup-friendly, too: No pilling and zero flashback. Refillable.

Black Girl Sunscreen

Broad Spectrum SPF 30


This sunscreen is broad spectrum with an SPF of 30. It is lightweight and eliminates all white residue.It has been specifically crafted for women of color and is infused with natural ingredient such as avocado, jojoba, cacao, carrot juice and sun flower oil. These soothe, moisturize, protect, hydrate and heal skin.

Ok, so now you have all the deets!

Go check out these sunscreens and let me know what you think! Oh, and if there is one that you think I need to try tell me in the comments below!

Shakira Shenee'

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