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Can You Have It All...

The world that we live in today is filled with highlight reels and high expectations. From, having a successful career, marriage, family, and amazing friends. We are told and shown that having all of it means happiness. It means that you have "ARRIVED". But is that true? Do you feel like it would mean happiness for you?

Firstly, let's keep in mind that we are all individuals, what works or brings happiness for us may not be the same for our friends or family. Sometimes I think that we get so caught up on impressing and "Keeping up" that we lose sight of actually living in the moment and If I were, to be honest, some of us miss living in our truth. We don't cut ourselves slack or even give ourselves a little grace. Whoever said Perfection is required for acceptance or happiness?

We all have to take a beat and be honest with ourselves. What does having it all mean for my life? Not everyone wants to get married by 30 and have a nuclear family. You may want to travel the world and enjoy your independence. Notice I didn't use the word single, the word "single" is oftentimes frowned upon. (oh and trust we will get into that "single" topic on another day)

You may not want to go into corporate America but instead open a coffee shop or run you're own non-profit helping a cause that is near and dear to your heart.

Everyone's having it all is different and that is okay. It's what makes the world so colorful and exciting. Imagine a world where everyone had to be alike. It reminds me of a movie from the 90's Pleasantville. The world they lived in was just black and white and boring, to say the least.

Having it all starts with finding out your purpose. Finding your purpose is a process of self-discovery. I find that most people that truly "have it all" are those who are self-aware, possess gratitude, and gives themselves some grace. They have strength in knowing exactly what they want, or what they don't want. Which later translates into them moving into their own purpose.

So how can you have it all?

  1. Define what is your everything. In that process be honest with yourself.

  2. Be confident and self-assured. If you don't want kids or a husband, that's OK! Don't let the world make you feel like something is missing.

  3. Start and finish your day with gratitude! Sounds cliche but one thing is for certain gratitude opens the door for others.

  4. Keep in mind you don't know everyone's story.

  5. Never stop believing in the life that you want for yourself

Sometimes out of greatest despair becomes our greatest gift.


Shakira Shenee & Mary Elle

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