Episode 46 - Imposter Syndrome

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

I've decided to launch a new sub-series called Conversations with Shakira. In this series, all episodes will be solo episodes that are chats between me and you ( the listener or reader); discussing essentials topics such as mindset, wellness, and self-love.

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Ladies Ladies, I am here with a quick episode for you. Listen, this has been on my mind and this has been on my heart for the longest time and I decided you know what? I need to put this in an episode. I've had a couple of conversations with my friends about this topic and I wanted to like I said friend to a friend talk to you and discuss imposter syndrome. Have you ever heard of this before? Yes, you have. I know you have? If not. imposter syndrome involves feelings of self-doubt and personal incompetence that persist despite your education experience and accomplishments. Okay, that is the definition. But let me just set it up like this. Imposter Syndrome is you feeling like you can't do something because you're not smart enough or you don't have the experience to do it or you're not accomplished enough. And so you fill yourself with all of this self-doubt and self-doubt essentially stops you from going after the things that you want to do. Because you're telling yourself that you can't, that you can match up to the person that's out there doing it. And with social media, There are so many times that we look on there and we think well I can't start this business, or I can't live the life that I really want because I'm just not that person. I know I'll never be that person and I'll never have with that person have and I can't have a business that successful because I can't do the type of things that they do and I can't speak like them. Like what are you even talking about right now?

Do you know that I literally hated my voice? Like I hated the way that I sound? Like on videos before I even knew podcasting was even a thing. When I would listen to the playback of the videos, I'd be like, "Oh my gosh, is that the way that I sound?" And here I am doing a podcast, where it's just audio. And there are so many other podcasters that I've either followed or interviewed, that have told me the same thing. They hate the way that they sound, but they wanted to start a podcast. And they never let the way that they sound versus the way that another podcast sound stopped them from actually doing something that they really want to do. And listen, whether I'm catching you with this episode on your morning drive to work, or you're catching this late night, I really want you to really stop and think about a time that you have felt this way about yourself, or you've said this to yourself, because I know I've had moments of this too.

Of course, we've all had moments of self-doubt, we've all had moments of thinking that we're not good enough, we're not smart enough, we're not pretty enough to do the things that we want to do out there. But once you stop, and you realize that nobody is you, and that is the power, your power, and what you bring to the table is so unique and designed for you, you will cut the shit and you won't even worry about being the smartest or the prettiest. Over time, I learned that imposter syndrome is a byproduct of our environment. Often where we lack representation that creates or distorts and disrupts a reality that we are actually capable or actually competent. We're actually so intelligent, despite what the rest of the world may be telling us to internalize sometimes it's how we're raised. It was who was in our corner telling us no you don't need to do that. That's not true. This is what you're supposed to be doing. You're supposed to be like the rest of us. You're not supposed to be out there going over and beyond trying to be somebody or not. Right? You start asking yourself, Am I a fraud? Do I really belong here? What can I bring to my seat at the table?

So this is what I say to that. Think about a time when you're with the people that you feel the most comfortable with the people where you can feel like your guard is down. And you can laugh and you can just be yourself when you're with those people what are you bringing to that table with those people? Are you bringing laughter? Are you the person that brings wisdom? Are you the person that brings everybody together? Are you the teacher? Are you the leader? Who are you in that circle because whoever you are in that circle, that is what you can bring to places where you don't feel like you add up. I think a lot of the times when we're trying to fit in other places, we're trying to fit in other places by trying to be someone that we're not comfortable with because we barely know who that person is. But we if we focus on our truth and focus on who we are as people and what and where we feel the most comfortable and we bring that to the forefront, then we can truly be who we want to be and will be accepted by the people who appreciate who we are.

And a good example of this and I always say this, I love cardi B................

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Much love,

- Shakira

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