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Feeling Anxious & Lost? It's Time to Take Your Power Back


So I'm going to start this by saying, 2021 is seriously flying by!! I remember being younger and hearing my parents always saying " the time is flying by" at that time I was young and so naive about the concept of time. As I get older, "I'm like what the hell!!??, the weekend is over already??"

So what does time flying by have to do with feeling unmotivated and insecure? So glad you asked. We all want more in this life, am I right? We want to look in the mirror and feel confident, we want to achieve goals. We want to create the life that we believe we either deserve or a life that is destined for us. But, what leads most of us to feel an immense amount of anxiety and loss of motivation is the fact that we feel as though we are running out of time.

The pressure of not being our best selves or not being where we think we should cause us to feel anxious. But, why are we in this rush? And why do we rush without thought and preparation? Think about it some of our favorite products, movies, songs, etc took months sometimes years to create. But when it fell into our laps we were in love with it. You know the saying, great things take time. Well, babe, you are a GREAT thing. You take time. And yes, guess what? time will pass by but in the meantime prepare! Enjoy the process of preparing and nurturing. What causes you to feel lost is the lack of preparation. Stay the course, look ahead. You are the co-pilot of your life.

So, take a deep breath sis, because you got this. Write down what causes you to feel anxious. Dissect how you can relieve that stress. Take the steps to do so. Write down the reasons why you feel lost. And pick up the pieces and keep moving. Take your power back from anything or anyone that has taken it from you.

Now go on, make yourself proud!!

Shakira Shenee'

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