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Get the Summer Glow

I'm not sure where you live but in Atlanta, it is SUPER HOT!! I mean the type of hot that makes your face feel sticky, so wearing a full face of makeup can sometimes feel unbearable. But, of course, we want to have a beautiful sunkissed glow without the feel of a full face so we've gathered our favorite products that can achieve this look.


Oil Sebum Oil


This product gives you a healthy glow immediately. It's also moisturizing, perfect for anyone looking for an extra oomph for their skin.

Source: Glossier


CLARO QUE C - Vitamin C Glow Serum

$ 64

Bright, glowy, and even skin? OF COURSE! This innovative formula is made with 15% PURE VITAMIN C.




Perfect glow for deep skin tones. The liquid shimmer can be added to your foundation, primer, moisturizer, or simply used alone for a super-highlighted glow.

Source: Sephora

Get your Glow on sis!!

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