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Grow your Business with these Simple Strategies

I know why your here. Your here because you either have a business or want a business but you feel stuck. There's so much info out there and so many freakin apps that it's hard to decide which one one to use. You keep asking yourself, how much money should I be spending on marketing? The market is completely saturated and this algorithm is coming for my life. Is anyone even seeing my business? I know it's completely overwhelming but by switching lenses it can also be very exhilarating.

I was listening to a Podcast the other day with a serial entrepreneur and he said " I miss the beginning phases of business the most, because that is the time where you feel the most vulnerable and filled with passion. You feel everything, you want so much for yourself and your business. New business owners should never lose sight of the beginning."

I love that! Because often times it's hard to appreciate the beginning of anything these days! So after many failed attempts at growing a business we have nailed down a few strategies that we KNOW works. They are all UNZIPPED APPROVED!

Find your Audience & Engage

Your people are out there just waiting to find you but they have no idea where you are. So sometimes it is up to you to go out there and find them. Find where they shop, or who they like, who do they follow and then engage with them. Spend a couple hours doing this everyday and I PROMISE you, you will be surprised by the follows and engagement that you will receive. Also when you engage be genuine .

GIVE more than you TAKE

What do I mean by this? I basically mean add value, if you want a sale or a follow, or a subscriber you really have to ask yourself why should they even follow you. What are you offering them? It doesn't matter if what you offer they can get elsewhere it matters what you're offering and how are you offering it. Is it of some value to them? Is it going to inspire and motivate? Is it going to solve a problem? Is it going to enhance the way they look? Whatever it is, highlight the value.


I know some may say this is old school but NOPE you are wrong. Network has and will always be an important part of growing your business. I know with COVID there is now limitations to events but find ways to get in front of new faces. Whether that is through in person events or DMs. Don't be afraid to meet new people, showcase what you do. Rejection may come but if and when it does. Just know that is apart of the journey.

Identify New Opportunities

Never stop learning and never get comfortable. It is important to always keep an eye out on your competitors all while staying true to your lane. Figure out what's working and stick with it and grow on it. If something isn't working find a way to tweak it and adjust. Don't stay in doubt, find out what's causing the doubt and fix it.

I hope these strategies help you to grow your business. If you want more articles likes these let us know below!

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