Healthy Habits When Looking to Attract Someone Great

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Girlllll let’s talk DATING!! It can be a real struggle at times when we’re putting ourselves out there to maybe end up with a frog! I know personally, I’ve dated a few frogs in the past…but when I decided to get really clear on how I wanted to feel and what my standards and boundaries were before going back out there I had incredible success and attracted some great men!!

Having clear healthy standards and boundaries before you even start looking for great people to date & even “the one” can be huge and will make a massive difference not only in who you attract but how you feel about yourself!

Here are 3 things to consider before your next date!

#1- Have a clear idea of how you want to be treated and respected! When you know what you will/won’t tolerate in a dating relationship not only do you naturally attract men with the same values. But, when someone for example “ghosts you”, is super late for dates or just isn’t communicating in a way that works for you, you having set the bar around your standards will keep the ball moving in the dating world and will keep you moving towards your ideal person!! Having standards is extremely healthy (not conceited) and will make you feel incredible in knowing who you are, what you desire, and what the end goal of the relationship is because after all dating should be FUN, and if it’s not working for you well you know… there’s plenty of fish in the sea!! So nextttt…

#2- Let’s talk boundaries!! Before a date what are the boundaries you have in place? Are you wanting to have 1-2 drinks or are you wanting to let loose? Are you wanting a “one-nighter” or are you wanting to ultimately find your person? Are you wanting to layout your entire life on date 1 or are you wanting to slowly get to know each other? I could list a gazillion questions, but this is a start! Having a clear idea of the outcome you want (and sticking to it) builds massive self-trust in yourself and paves the way for extremely healthy relationships with men who will see this as an extreme turn on being a woman that knows what she wants and does what she says!

#3- Your energy leads the way- Right before the date take a few minutes out to center yourself! Sit down and be still even for 2 minutes and let all the anxiety, any energy not serving you from tearing your closet apart, trying to get ready, and even stress from the day subside! You want to go on this date feeling GOOD! When you feel good and when you’re clear and centered he’s going to feel you’re relaxed and feel that confidence and even if the date isn’t what you want, you’ll be in such good energy that it’ll roll of your shoulders, and you’ll take it with a grain of salt!

Using these practices in my own life has made a profound impact on how I see myself and the men I attract, and the cool thing is once you start these it’ll just become a part of who you are and how you live your life!

Happy Dating!! Xx

Written by: Erica Kristene


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