Hiding behind the word..... (RACISM)

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

As a society, we're desensitized of hearing a black man unarmed gun downed murdered and killed.  Think about this for a moment... How often do we shed tears or shake our heads and say this is unjust? Some may even say "oh well" and not even flinch!

As a mother of 2 sons that are young and black.  My worry has grown at a rapid pace that I can't seem to fathom or grasp. This normalcy as we see in America in 2020. When I was in my teens I heard of the horrific murder of James Byrd Jr. A black man murdered by three white supremacists in Jasper, Texas in 1998.

The horrific details of this hate crime still haunt me to this day.  How many names are we going to have a hashtag for on t-shirts and social media of the continuous hate crimes that are being committed on the soil of the land of the free?  My frustrations grow as I see the lack of empathy from people.  Yes, I said I have heard many times they should get over it.  Or it's often said they kill each other so what........

  When will we take personal accountability not to accept that "oh that's just how my grandmother was raised". Do you continue to hide behind the word and make excuses for them that they were born in a different time as an excuse? At that point, you have to realize your hiding behind (racism). When will you take personal responsibility and stop ignoring racism but instead stand up and speak up when you don't feel comfortable.  Even if it's to grandma or your husband.

How will we make a change if we're hiding, denying an excusing "racism"? If you're wondering how to make a change. I would say start in your home even with family and friends. Break the cycle of allowing others to make jokes, or make racist comments in your presence. It may be uncomfortable for you to stand up at first. However, you can't continue your silence because your and enabler and allowing such hatred to be spewed.

A quote that really speaks volumes in today's oppression. " Silence in the face of injustice is complicity with the oppressor" - Ginetta Sagan

Of course, you can't change everyone's mind and it won't happen overnight! However, don't let that stop you from speaking up and standing up when you witness this behavior. It's your way of making a difference in our society to speak up and make it known... You will not be apart of such facetious behavior and you will become less desensitized to hide behind "Racism".

xoxo Shakira Shenee' & Mary Elle

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