How to Be More Present in Your Friendships

One of my favorite episodes from The Unzipped Podcast is Episode 35; Friendships in your 30s. If you haven't listened to this episode, you should definitely check it out. We talked about the dynamics of friendships at an older age and how important it is to know when it's time to either let go of a friend or appreciate the friends that you do have in your front row.

So I wanted to dive deeper into the appreciation of great friendships. Because let's be honest great friends are hard to find. So when you have a real one in your corner it's so important to be present.

Now, I can't deny that life is hectic, I literally have to schedule girls' night weeks in advance! But guess what, that's ok! We make it happen!

So I wanted to share a few ways to be more present in your friendships no matter how busy you are. Because enjoying time with friends is another great form of self-care.

  1. Check-in

I used to be terrible at checking in, not on purpose but the days would just go by and I will be so caught up in my own schedule that I would forget to just check-in. I have now made it a point to just check in with close friends. To help me remember I'll set a reminder on my phone to send a text or call. Sometimes your strongest friend still needs a call to just ask the "How are you" questions.

2. Be Supportive

Being a supportive friend is one of the best qualities that you can have as your friendships progress. As you get older you start to realize whats the most important thing in friendships and support is always at the top of the list. Whether you're supporting your friend by listening to her vent or you're supporting her at her event. The most important thing is you are present and there without judgment.

3. Share the Conversation

It's not always about you! So learning how to share the conversation is key. When you finally get each other on the phone be sure to share the love. Give her the floor for her to share her highs and lows of the moment. Acknowledge them, be a friend, that listening ear that she's been waiting for. And when it's your turn you let it rip lol. Mature friendships need balance even when it comes to storytelling.

4. GNO ( Girls Night Out)

Plan it and actually stick to the plan and GO OUT!! Get out of your day-to-day routine and get out and spend some time with your friend. This can be the ultimate self-care! A night filled with drinks and laughs is always a good night with memories made. So don't forget to make it a habit to enjoy a night out with your friends every now and then.

Share your advice on what works well in your friendships?

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