How to Handle Life's Challenges

So, here we are! It's July 2020 and COVID is still working the air, the Black Lives Matter movement is still in full swing and the unemployment cases are still rising.... just to name a few. My point is that 2020 has been the year of challenges and its only July. Of course, these aren't challenges that we could have prepared for, however, these are still challenges.

So what do we do?... I'm not gonna lie, I've shed a tear or two, I've felt immense anxiety and I've also been at a loss for words but when its a little silent and I have time to think.

I ask myself...

How can I handle my LIFE CHALLENGES...

I won't sit here and tell you that I'm a pro but what I will say is that I have been through quite a few things and I've been able to maintain a sense of peace through it all by learning how to handle challenges that come by way. I wanted to share a few tips with you because I know we've all been there and some are stepping in and out of that mental place quite frequently this yer.

  1. Acknowledge my Feelings

No matter what emotion you're feeling you have to acknowledge it. Pushing it away or suppressing it only causes more anxiety. Allow yourself to feel and understand the "why" behind what you are feeling. Let it out, girl!

2. Find your SAFE SPACE

When you let it out, where are you letting it out? This is super important because where you lay your feelings can cause more challenges for your mental state down the line. Find a safe space where you can feel accepted and heard. That can be a person ( mom, husband, sister, therapist, or friend) or even a journal.

3. Asses the Challenge

Now that you've taken the time to acknowledge your feelings and you've found a safe space to let it all out. Start to assess the challenge at hand. Sometimes you may be 1/2 way there because you spoke to your safe space. It's important to work your way to finding the solution. Never allow lifes challenge to paralyze you.

4. Discover who you are

This is when your STRENGTH and POWER start to come in! You have to realize how amazing you are and no matter what challenges you are facing big or small you will be able to overcome them. Face those challenges head-on, believe in you and your ability to rise above any challenge.

Not every challenge will be as easy as 1234, sometimes you may have to spend a little more time in your safe space or acknowledging your feelings. But, in the end, you will overcome your challenges. I hope this helps you, we're all in this together!

I wanna know how you handle Life Challenges, lets chat about it below!

Until next time..Cheers!

xoxo Shakira Shenee'

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