How to Manage your Time Effectively

"I wish I had more time in the day"

How many times have you said this? Matter of fact, how many times have you heard this? I'm sure plenty because all anyone wants is more time. More time to rest, more time to get things done, just MORE TIME!! We are all allotted the same amount of time in the day yet still we can see how others around us are getting more done and more accomplished. Well... It's time you start managing your time more effectively. These few changes have helped me to not only be more effective in our business but more effective in my overall life.

We have an amazing (Teaser Alert) BOSS BABE group on FB that was created to further inspire and teach best practices to upcoming entrepreneurs and when asked " What are you Struggling with?" Everyone said Time Management - So let's chat about it because ...

We all can KILL our day like BEYONCE'!!

What are BOSS BABES doing to be more TIME EFFECTIVE?

  1. Prepare an OVERALL TIMELINE

If you are working on a project, launch..etc give yourself a timeline. A timeline will hold you accountable and allow you to create daily goals that will help you achieve the ultimate goal.

2. Always plan A DAY AHEAD / Make a List and Stick to it

Before going to bed create an ATTAINABLE to-do list for the next day and stick to it. On that to-do list start with what is the most important thing to get done to the least important. Things can/will happen and it's possible that your day will be thrown off but, if that happens more than likely the important tasks on your list will be completed.

3. Protect your TIME and ENERGY

Find a place where your energy cant be shifted and you can focus and get in your zone. If your BFF calls and ask you to go with her to pick out an outfit for a date that she has you have to protect your time and say .. " Girl, I wish I could but I am locked in for the next two hours and I can't move until I get these things done." It might be hard at first but you have to protect your time and limit your distractions.


I know you're thinking.. wait why do I have to stop multitasking isn't that a good thing. Yea, at times it is, but not right now. When you multitask, you are trying to work on 3 tasks at once. All that's going to do is add stress and cause you to lose focus on what you're actually needing to get done. So focus on one thing at a time and complete it as much as you can before moving on to the next task on your list


If you want to get to that goal, do not push things off. Stick to that list and that timeline you've created. Don't push things off for the next day or the day after that because eventually, you'll find that it's a month later and you still don't have anything done. All procrastinating and lack of consistency does is push you farther away from your goal.

Come on Squad!!!

We're creating BOSSES! Whatever you want you can have we all just have to put the work in.

Your future self is counting on you! You got this!


Shakira Shenee'

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