How to Stay Social & Connected While Staying at Home: 5 Apps

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Staying at home as been everyone’s new normal all around the world. No more outing with family and friends, date nights at fancy restaurants, workouts at the gym or even work for most of us. So how does one stay connected to the people that we can no longer physically touch and share cheers with you?

We're sharing 5 ways that we’ve been able to stay connected with our love’s ones through some of our favorite apps.

1. Zoom

If you work from home, you’ve probably heard of Zoom before. It’s a great app for virtual meetings and conference calls. Zoom has grown in popularity since Covid19 has spread throughout the world. It has been a great way for students to connect with their teachers and coworkers to stay connected to work from home. Happy hour after a busy day at work

You miss happy hours with your coworkers, have happy hour on Zoom. There is a free plan on zoom that allows you to host a video conference of up to 40 minutes and up to 100 participants. Couples are now getting married on Zoom with their families watching.

2. Facetime

Of course, we can’t forget Facetime! Facetime has been around forever but we need it now more than ever. Jump on a group chat on facetime with all of your close friends. You can group chat on facetime with up to 32 people! We had a girl’s night on facetime with our favorite drinks in hand still talking or favorite topics.

3. Netflix & Chill, Literally

This is the perfect time to catch up on all of your favorite series! We won’t judge you for binge-watching two seasons straight lol. Listen we’ve been there too. There are so many favorites out now.

4. LinkedIn Learning

Don’t let this time pass you by without learning something new. For many, they will use this time to relax and lose their minds in pure boredom. But if you always wanted to learn something or start a business. This is the perfect time to gain knowledge and set yourself up for success. This time will pass and when it does a lot of people are going to be wishing they used this time wisely. So, make sure that you do.

5. IG LIVE / YouTube

Miss working out at the gym or with your trainer? IG Live has so many trainers training live right now, you can catch a free IG live class with your favorite celeb trainer! There are also plenty of YouTube channels that are live streaming workouts for free.

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