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I Want More... Now What? 5 Tips on Getting Started with your own Business

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

There it is sis!! That feeling that you can't shake, that sound that keeps going off in your head letting you know that you want more. Trust me, we know the feeling. It's constant, it's loud and it pierces the heart. You want more for yourself, you want to be your own boss, you want to create the lifestyle that you've only imagined. But how in the hell do you plan on getting there!?

I know, it's easy to get overwhelmed and not know what to do next but we want to help you to navigate through the tides and get to some still water. So take a deep breath, grab something to write with, and let's talk about it... We're giving you 5 tips on Getting Started with your own business.

1. What are you PASSIONATE about?

Don't just think about what you like, for example, if you like makeup or hair that's great most women do. I'm talking about what do you LOVE. What could you talk about or do for free for the rest of your life? Whatever that is, that's your passion! What do your family or friends ask you about often, is there something that people come to you for? Whatever that is, that's what you're great at because that where your passion lies.

2. Can you offer VALUE?

Now that you know what you're passionate about can you offer value? It's 2020, everything that you can possibly think of is out there. All industries are saturated with similar products and services. BUT, that should NEVER deter you from pushing forward. What will always set you apart is the value that you offer others. For example, let's just say that you are passionate about makeup but more specifically you're obsessed with lashes. Whenever someone sees you, you have lashes on. You're always shopping for the best pair. Whenever your friends go out they call you to ask you what lashes to buy because YOU'RE THAT CHICK!!! Maybe, just maybe that's your lane! You're already offering value to your friends by providing them with your opinion on why you think those lashes will be great for them. Dig deeper what else could you do with that passion?

3. What is your Niche? ( Creating the Brand)

Now that you've locked in your passion, you have something of value to offer, what makes you different? What is your story? This can be the name, the feel, or even the story behind your brand. But there has to be something that makes you different. What is your niche? Your niche is an interest that appeals to a small, specialized section of the population. Once you achieve this you will be reaching thousands of consumers searching specifically for that one thing that you offer. Whatever it is, find what sets you apart; that's your niche.

4. Research and more Research ( Cost, Products, Quality, etc)

Never just wake up one day and say you're going to do something and expect it to happen right away. Get invested in what you're doing. Do the research and learn the market, the prices, the suppliers, the quality of what you're offering, etc. Nothing great comes overnight. If you want to be successful in your niche market you need to be knowledgable in what's going on in your industry to stay current. This is the only way to maintain a foothold in your market. Research also allows for you to continue to work for yourself; As we know, working for yourself can offer a great initial cost, and the proper research can help you propel and continue to thrive in the industry you are passionate about.

5. Launch Scared

You will never feel 100% ready. You won't feel like you're the best; you'll probably doubt everything BUT launch anyway. You've done your research, you've created your brand, you know you're going to offer value and this is something that you're passionate about. Launch and adjust as you go, continue to work at it and you'll get better and better. None of your favorite brands are the same as they were when they first launched. Don't be so hard on yourself and instead bet on yourself.

I hope these 5 steps have given you the confidence to get up and get at it. You can do it!!! Were going to be bringing you way more business advice so if you love this type of content. Comment below and let us know what else you would love to see.

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