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Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Oh, the unwanted pounds from the past couple of months is real. I am a mom of four and this "new normal" has taken me out of my regularly scheduled programming. Navigating this uncharted territory has had an effect on many areas of my life, including the scale. I have started to see the scale go up. Not inch by inch, but by the pound and I'm not having it anymore! Not being able to leave home for over a month and binge-watching every show on Netflix became my "new normal". Not to mention, I enjoyed the ambiance of my home movie theater with a glass of wine or two. But now that things are opening back up and we can venture out into the world, I want to get back to my "old" normal. So its time to make some changes. I decided to get off the couch, turn off Netflix, put the wine down, and get my body moving! At first, I was nervous about heading to the gym. Would it be safe/clean? Truth is, I found my gym to be cleaner than the grocery store! I also hired a trainer to come to my home once a week to help keep me accountable and get me back into the swing of things. At first, it was a struggle but let me tell you, after a month I have noticed that my endurance is starting to gear back up and I feel strong and motivated!

Building on my new found motivation, I joined a fitness challenge on facebook: The Unzipped Fit Challenge! It's part of our women's only community, theunzippedpodcast. This challenge and community of women have inspired me to keep going on my fitness journey AND working out has now become a habit for me! Now that I had dealt with finding the motivation to workout and settled into a routine that worked for me, it was necessary for me to address my eating habits. In my line of work, I am constantly hosting or participating in social meetups. We all know what that means. Lots of food and lots of drinking. And while that can be fun, it has had an adverse effect on my health and fitness goals. To navigate this, I have learned to balance my food choices leading up to these events so that I can allow myself to truly enjoy the fantastic food and not feel guilty or restricted. I'm sure some of you can relate to my story, so I want to share with you some advice that helped me along the way. Change doesn't happen overnight! I know this sounds cliche but the sooner we lean into that, the better off we will be. Expecting to see immediate results isn't realistic and often times it can make us feel like failures and we are not failures. Make a list of what you want to accomplish and set small incremental goals. My first goal was to start working out 1-2 times a week, and I smashed that which kept me going! My second goal was to drink more water and less wine. Seemed impossible but turns out it's not. These two small changes have left me feeling more energetic and more aware of the choices I am making about the health of my body and that is my power. I have also adopted these mantras to help me get through some of my more challenging days because those days are still very real, and we will all have them.

  1. Never give up.

  2. I am capable of doing hard things.

  3. Practice makes possible (it doesn't have to be perfect but it does need to be possible)

  4. Repeat 1-3 daily

My goal in telling my story, unfiltered and unzipped, is that you feel motivated and inspired to either start or continue on your personal health journeys. Thank you for coming along with me and be sure to check in with my progress on Facebook- theunzippedpodcast. Make sure to "like" the page and join the woman's only group. xoxo Mary Elle

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