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Meet Our Team - Darien Blane

Ladies, may I start by saying that I am SO excited to be a part of The Unzipped community as your first Unzipped Mommy Blogger!! I absolutely adore Shakira, and I am so inspired and honored to contribute to this growing community of strong, beautiful, and purpose-filled women.

When she asked if I would be interested in writing for I just about shouted “Absolutely, yes”! I find great joy in Shakira’s vision and the endeavors she has accomplished thus far, and I am so excited for what’s in store!!

Most people know me as Darien Crute, or Darien Blane, but you can call me D. I am a Published Author, budding Mommy Blogger, Entrepreneur, and a Stay-at-Home Mother. I married my best friend, Bryan and we co-created two of the sweetest little babies together. Without a doubt, these have been some of the most enriching years of my life, and I want to share more of my journey with you!

It’s incredible, to sit back and be fully present with who I am becoming. A reNEWed woman, a wife, and a mother. I tend to reflect often. Ok, let’s face it, I’m very sentimental and often find myself tearing up as I scroll through old videos and pictures of the fleeting newborn and infant phases with both our son Kaizen (3), and our daughter Haven (1.5) usually around 3am. Is it just me, or can you relate? There were moments captured in those sweet memories when I remember thinking to myself “How am I even going to do this?” with two precious babies depending on me. Little did they know at the time, their mama was embarking into completely uncharted territory, sleep deprived, and still learning to embrace this miraculously different body. Through all the life-altering transitions I was going through, one of the best decisions I made was to surrender to the process of becoming the best woman and mother I can be, instead of fighting to hold on to the identity I had before having a family of my own. In doing so, I discovered the amazing strength we have as women and as mothers. I learned to embrace the growing pains in these transitions, which produced a wealth of knowledge and wisdom.

In hindsight, I did “it”!! I am so grateful that I prayerfully persevered and now find myself missing those moments spent with our babies being precious little newborns. Time really does fly by, and the saying stands true, they really do grow so fast! There have been several seemingly impossible challenges that I have overcome. From experiencing miscarriage and overcoming shame, to non-medicated birth and late-night feedings with multiple diaper changes. Or learning how to properly latch and breastfeed our babies, while at times painfully engorged. Did I mention fighting through postpartum depression, starting preschool, and experiencing mom guilt? You know, needing time alone, but feeling guilty for wanting to take the time... alone? That was me! How bizarre is that, right?? What I realized, as I exited out of my self-induced state of isolation (not to mention the mandated shelter-in-place), was that more than anything I needed community, and I am forever grateful for it!

With community comes vulnerability and a safe space to express yourself freely. So, I finally let go. I said goodbye to fears and doubts, and gave myself permission to show up fully, walking authentically in my evolution. I encourage you to do the same! You do not have to experience the joys and hardships of motherhood alone! I realize more every day that there are countless mothers and women that desire support, empowerment, and value this community just as I do. Growing up with my mother and sister in our household, I have always valued supporting women, and as I became a mother, I equally value and passionately support the evolution of motherhood as well.

As we set out to crush our goals, manifest our visions, thrive in our purpose, care for ourselves, our children, families, and communities, it's nearly impossible to do it alone. Thank God we don’t have to! Whatever your “it” may be that you are persevering through or maybe you have already overcome, know that I am rooting for you, Mama!!

You are seen, heard, and valued!

With so much love and Light,


Darien Blane


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