Morning Matcha

Let's talk Mornings.

.... if you're anything like me, you love a good morning coffee or tea to get you going. With the change in my morning routine due to Covid19, I'm not quite waking up as early as I used to. So its been so essential for me to have an energy boost to get my day going and give me lasting energy to get my errands and work done.

So I just had to share my Morning Matcha recipe to help all my ladies out there who may need a BOOST in the mornings. Here at Mary and I vow to get unzipped with all the tips and tricks from recipes, fitness, beauty tips, and more --- So let's get into it...

The ingredients are super simple...

♡ Organic Matcha Powder ( This is the one I use) ⤵

♡ Green Tea

♡ Ginger Powder

♡ Lactaid Milk ( You can use whatever milk you like)

♡ Topped with Whip Cream - 1Tbsp ( You can sweeten to taste)

and that's it...You're Done!!!

Tell me what you think!! If you make it, tag us so I can check it out. Also, if you make yours a little differently I would love to try your recipe!!


♡ Shakira Shenee'

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