Updated: May 12, 2020

I started to write my first blog of what I am known as to my professional world a Beauty professional for over 20 years. The basics of makeup and skincare that is to come. But I decided the time was right to come and maybe relate to another woman, mom, or wife that may be reading that may be struggling and feeling you’re in this alone. How do you hold it together and try to feel everything is going okay? Well, it may not be okay for many of us?

We are faced with this new difficulty of reinventing our selves or the self-proclaimed new phrase as the “new normal”. But what does that really mean for you? What does that look like to a person in your shoes? One day to wake up and your world changes overnight. Once adored by many and looked to as the superhero to your children and families that always seem to make everything look okay. But unknowingly your just not certain. How do you hold together during this time?

Now for those who may have it “together” may have a different struggle. This may not speak to you. If anything, I want it to speak to you from the perspective of someone or to someone that all ways made it seem like everything is okay. I am speaking to all the women, mothers, single woman that feel nothing less than your own “shero” and feel your Super symbol is far in sight. How does this make you feel when you lose a sense of what you thought was control and you're going to make everything okay. It makes you feel shitty if I may say.

Your struggle is understood and no matter if you seem like you’re in this alone you’re not. If you have changed professions overnight unknowingly from a profession to a person waiting for the economy to open and waiting to get the call to come back to work. This is not a political post this is a bipartisan issue with real people with a “new normal” that is just uncertain.

I will say to mom’s that is the pillar for your family or simply the rock and shoulder that your spouse uses to cry on. Look deep down inside and find your “together” and remember your power that we are the teachers of this earth. Remember strong women are not born they are forced to be strong.

I know you hear it but try to meditate, exercise, pray, or talk to someone. Whatever you can find to make you escape for that moment the doubt and the fear. Just know that this too shall pass and your not in this alone. Most importantly we must try to keep our spirit of gratitude. Thank God for the blessing of just waking up and putting two feet on the ground. Start with Thank you…… Start with gratitude………. Situations may not change as fast as we may want them too. But remember we can only change our perspective.

xoxo Shakira Shenee & Mary Elle

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