Updated: Sep 3, 2020

It's now the beginning of September we have 4 months left, 121days to be exact of 2020. Every one of us is anticipating the ball dropping, the countdown on NYE to bring in 2021. Wow, it's been a year so far! Getting through the next 4 months will take optimism and faith.

Let's begin to set ourselves up to ride the rest of this year out like a champ. This year has taught us to be resilient and to focus on the now. We all have witnessed devastation and loss this year like no other. Let's shift gears and focus on a few areas such as physical health, business/finances, and mental health.

Think about what small goals you can accomplish that can lead to some major changes for the new year.

Just to give you an example, I set up a goal to juice fresh veggies a few times a week. I will do this for the month of September so I can put more nutrients into my body. Deciding that I want to make small changes physically I committed to getting more active. Not like your cliche talk, I'm going to lose all this weight by a certain day. However, start with a small goal of walking a few days a week, dance to music, swim a few laps, and soak up some vitamin d.

Let's now touch on business if your like millions of Americans who are out of work. Now is the time to tap into what you really want to do. Start building your network around the career you want. Engage with others on sites such as www.linkedin

Did you know LinkedIn offers classes and certificates for a small fee called LinkedIn learning? Start working on your resume and update the verbiage and your skillsets to make your resume more marketable.

Now is the time if you're thinking about being an entrepreneur. Go for It! Don't worry about how you will get there just do it. Write out a plan, learn your competition, understand what you offer and what is your niche. Get a mentor to seek guidance. Social media such as Fb has many groups for budding entrepreneurs. I'm personally in an all-women support group

Mental health I believe is where it all starts. Take it back to when you were a teen and journal! Get you a cute journal and write out your feelings. It's a great way to let out your emotions and it allows you to be vulnerable with yourself. Personally, I like to write in my journal before bedtime this helps me release any feelings that can fester and keep me up and night. I write it down and let it go!

No matter what your go-to goal will be for the next four months, you can do this! If you fall off remember to pick back up again. Make each day count and crush those small goals to celebrate your successes along the way!


Mary Elle

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