Our New Normal

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Are you wondering what is our new normal? This is the first time for many of us to live through a pandemic that has halted the world. We have lived through many devastations from acts of nature, war’s, and even witnessed many terrifying acts done here in America and around the world.

This time in our life no matter your race, political views or religious beliefs we all have the same connection. We’re currently living in society that has a pause button on our normal day to day lives. We are uses to living in a microwave society with instant gratification. That was then and this is the “Now”

We share something in common that Fear of the unknowing! The question of the year? When will life will go back to what we thought was “normal”. We all share the same fears….. can I go to the store without a mask or gloves. We now all have to stand 6 feet apart, no more gathering’s, days at the pool. We all share the same sense of urgency of when? When can I go back to my normal work schedule or my kids get to go back to school…..

Now let’s look at this from another perspective that is what we know as “looking at the glass half full theory as opposed to half empty”. When was the last time that you can think of that we had to just stay home? Unless you were sick or on vacation. When shaking a hand or giving a hug was without fear. Not able to sit down and have coffee at your local coffee shop. The option for going to the bar to have a drink with friends, or your spouse. No sporting games to attend or to watch. If a loved one passes away, you can’t even attend a funeral.

On the bright side of the devastation as we may call it. I’m finding we are now finding the time to sit and talk with our kids, friends and distant relatives. We have time to work on that project at home that you have been putting off. It’s that time to be creative and dig inside to see what really makes you happy.

We will come out of this!!!!! But I encourage you to decide to use this time to learn something new at home. Start that workout plan you have been putting off. Reconnect with your family or friends. Think about a new career path if you’re not happy. Research and plan to start that business you always thought about but never had the time. Ask yourself what is my purpose?

I have listed suggestions for those that can help us all cope during the quarantine! I have suggestions for families with kids and for those that are single.

Families at home with kids:

  • School is still in session. As a parent I suggest keeping your student on a schedule. It not only gives them the discipline that they had before COVID19. But it will give you time as a parent to have balance.

  • Sit down and have dinner together without technology. You will be surprised to learn some new things about each other. Get a basket an collect the phones (even mom and dad) you might get a little push back. But soon this will become a new normal that is great for your family.

  • If you don’t have board games at home and currently under stay at home order. Amazon.com or Walmart.com or Target. You can order some of your favorite games that your family will enjoy.

  • Tap into your artistry side. Most store offer curbside pickup at your local craft store. Order some paint, easels, yarn. Get crafty you may discover, or you kids may discover a new interest.

  • Watch the Beluga whales from your home https://www.georgiaaquarium.org/webcam/beluga-whale-webcam/

  • Teach your kids how to cook. Create a restaurant experience at home at least once a week.

  • Enjoy nature with (caution). I see families taking walks early in the morning with mask while practicing social distancing.

  • If you have a backyard play some sports. Keep them happy.

  • Set up online play dates so they can talk to their peers.

  • Give each other time and space.

If your single at home

  • Start with self-care. Yes we’re all frustrated we can’t get to the the nail and hair salons and the barber shop for the gents. You may be surprised with a little YouTube tutorial can teach you.

  • Order some nail supplies online (pamper yourself) Check on DIY for you beauty tips as well.

  • Stay connected with your family and friends. Pick up the phone, ditch the texting.

  • Having social gatherings online utilizing social such as ( Facebook, zoom) Make it a date!

  • One of my favorites is watching all the online DJ parties and having a good time at home!

  • Exercise it will help you mentally and physically.

  • Declutter- Get donation bags ready of all the clothes you someone else would love.

  • Learn a new skill at home. The internet can be used to learn so much from how to cook like a chef to learning and new language.

  • Mental help Share resources for those that are in need. Many people are depressed or may not know what options.

  • I have listed a few resources below that you can utilize if you or a loved one feel that you need support.

  • National alliance on Mental Illness: http://www.nami.org or call (800) 950-NAMI (6264)

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Call (800) 273- TALK (8225)

Remember we will get through this and this too shall pass.!!!

Xoxo MaryElle

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