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Rebranding Your Business - 5 Things to Consider

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Rebranding your business is important to stay relevant and ahead of the competition. There’s a lot involved when you decide to change things up. From social media to changing domains, purchasing new product packages, business cards, and the list goes on.

While this is all important to your brand, everything mentioned above is related to the visual aspects of your business. There’s so much more to your brand than the way it looks.

You may be thinking, “UGH! More work involved?” Well, yes, BUT, by creating a REVOLUTIONARY brand, your business will be able to STAND OUT in today’s global market and attract more customers.

At the end of the day, converting clients means building trust, credibility, loyalty, and a better experience for everyone that comes in contact with your brand.

So let’s get to it.

Here are the 5 things to consider when rebranding your business.

  1. Brand Voice.

What is your business going to sound like? How are you going to address your clients? Are you all about business 24/7, or do you tell jokes here and there?

This is JUST as important as the visual aspects of your brand. This creates consistency across every form of communication, from TikToks and Reels to blogs and customer relations. By creating a cohesive brand, your business will build trust and allow you to convert more clients! Bottom line, developing your brand’s voice is a MUST.

2. Website Speed

We all want our website to be visually appealing, but what about speed? That plays a direct role in website traffic AND conversions. Consumers are used to having things quickly at their fingertips. You have, on average, under 10 seconds for your website to load and capture their attention. It isn’t very much time, so the speed is a crucial factor in your website.

Common mistakes I see others make with their websites are:

  • Not optimizing graphics

  • Using too many animations

  • Adding videos that are not necessary

It also affects your rankings on search engines like Google, so when you reach out to a web designer, developer, or agency, make sure to ask them how important website speed is in the websites they create.

3. Customer Experience

There is a lot of competition out there across many industries. Today’s global market can make it difficult to stand out, and while many of us are unique, so are our customers, and they should be treated as such.

When rebranding your business, what will you do to make your clients feel more special than before?

A handwritten thank you note from the employee that wrapped their shipment or a special gift from the service provider helping them accomplish their goals can go a long way at making someone feel appreciated and coming back for more.

I recommend looking at well-known and liked brands to see what customer experience means to them. Likely it’s at the top of their priority list.

4. Accessibility

Now, this may not come to mind at first, but ADA compliance is crucial for businesses. This allows those with various disabilities to have equal access to your content no matter where they may find you, whether through your website, social media, flyers, or any other form of marketing. By allowing everyone to have an amazing experience with your brand, you’ll be able to grow a stronger community and brand loyalty!

A few things to help you start making your brand more accessible are:

  • Using alt text on social media and your website appropriately. It’s meant to describe the image, not only boost your SEO.

  • Ensuring your website is text reader-friendly.

  • Keeping a good contrast between your brand’s colors.

These are simple yet effective ways to create a welcoming community around your brand.

Plus, website accessibility plays a direct role in search engine rankings. I helped a previous client make her existing website more accessible, and within a few weeks, she got more traffic to her website! The more people your website is available to, the more people will show up.

5. Company Workflows (or SOPs)

A rebrand is more than just looking different; it’s about being different. Much like we should not expect different results when doing the same thing over and over, don’t expect different results when you’re running your business the same way.

You’ll want to get into the nitty-gritty of your brand. How am I going to leave my old and new customers speechless? What can be more efficient? What tools will make it easier for my customers to work with me? How can I provide service to my clients on ANOTHER LEVEL? How much can I automate while still providing that personalized service to them? SOPs are all about working smarter and increasing your business’s value.

The best way to answer these questions is by conducting market research and business analysis. Another client of mine was not utilizing her website to its greatest potential. She thought it was just a placeholder, but the reality was she was getting over 30k views PER MONTH! We started working on a redesign immediately so she could convert more clients.

Rebranding the RIGHT way can create a brand that LASTS. It’s the difference between Netflix and Blockbuster. You always want to try to stay ahead of your competitors in all aspects of your business.

Here’s a bonus tip. Don’t copy competitors. Make it your own. You can take inspiration from them and other industries, then put your brand’s unique flare on it.

That’s what stand-out brands do.

Written by: Gabriela J

I’m Gabriela, founder and head strategist at the GuiltFree Agency. We’re a strategic brand, and web design agency specializing in helping businesses stand out and give back to their communities.

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