Self- Care even with a Busy Schedule

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Ladies!!!! We are BUSYYYY!!!! We tend to be everything to everyone and at times we TOTALLY forget to give ourselves a little grace and check in. And, here is the thing, self care doesn't need to be a spa day or a vacation, and the truth is most of us can't jump on a flight at any moment. So these are a few simple ways that I focus on self care even with a busy schedule.

1. Take a Walk

Simple I know, but so relaxing. I love taking a walk in my neighborhood when I get home from the office. it gives me a moment to come down after a busy day and usually my mind is already racing on all of the things that i have to do the next day. So walking is the perfect decompressor for me. I do this right before the sun sets so it's usually beautiful outside. Focus on taking deep breaths and creating intentions. ( Please walk in safe and well lit areas)

2. Netflix & and a Face Mask

There is so many bingeable shows!!! So Netflix & Mask! Grab your favorite face mask and pick a show and sit back and relax. What I love about series is after the 2nd or 3rd episode your are completely hooked and nothing else matters lol (or maybe that's just me)

3. Take a Bubble Bath

Slow down and take a bubble bath! Play your favorite album, light a few candles and relax. We can set a romantic setting for ourselves. Taking the time to create this setting and knowing it's for you to relax is self care in itself.

4. Write it out

Before bed, write out what you're grateful for. The highs and lows of the day and the 3 things that you want to accomplish tomorrow. This goes back to setting purposeful intentions for yourself. Digging deeper into what is blocking your happiness and what is filling your cup with joy.

5. Girls Night

A girls night is always a great move! What I love about girls night is the ability to let your hair down and to hysterically laugh all night. My favorite part of the night apart from the laughs is the moment when you realize that we are all going through similar things and you're not in it alone. We all feel like giving up at times or feel overwhelmed. Or have a moment of feeling head over heels for someone or feeling confused. We are all so alike! So grab a couple friends and enjoy the night!

Self care is Self Love!!!


Shakira Shenee'

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