Tap into your Feminine Energy

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

I'll start this by saying WOMEN ARE WINNING!!!

Because we are finally understanding the power that we have in us! I'll be honest I had no idea what embracing the "feminine energy" was all about. Of course, I thought it was just about embracing what makes you more feminine but there is more to it! Being a woman is one thing. Embracing, accepting, and using your full potential as a female is another. We live in a society where feminine energy is not glorified but rather suppressed, and that demands more masculine energy in us to operate, belong, and be accepted. In other words, it’s a man’s world. But have no fear we are slowly but surely changing the narrative!

This masculine energy translates to qualities like drive, independence, aggression, arrogance, competitiveness, and confidence, which are required to succeed in today’s world. These are not bad traits per se, and there is no denying that we need them. Indeed, they may have allowed women to become CEOs and leaders, but they have also led to us losing touch with our real power – our real magic if you will. Because we’ve prioritized masculine over feminine energy, the key to this puzzle is balance; it is achieving harmony between these two types of energies.

It's time to explore the powers of your feminine energy and to discover how you can positively impact the whole universe by being a real woman. We're sharing 5 ways to awaken and tap into your feminine energy.


Slow down and give yourself more space to breathe and live in the moment. Allow yourself to feel your wants, needs, and desires. We are moving so fast through life that we sometimes forget what makes us tick.


Your body is a temple; it is the only way to bring new life into this world and should therefore be treated as such. Do things that feel good physically. Such pleasures related to feminine energy are massages, yoga, low-impact training, dancing, and any kind of free-flowing movement classes.


As women, we have a hard time asking for the things that we want. This is usually associated with the feeling you aren't good enough. Or you have low self-esteem. Your feminine power to receive means if you ask for more, you will receive more. If you are struggling with this, you need to ask yourself:

*Why am I having a problem with receiving?

*What does my ability to receive mean in the context of my life?

*Is there something in my past which has stopped me from feeling worthy of receiving now?

*Was there an occasion where I felt I was manipulated after receiving something?


Embrace your emotions and the reasons behind them. Allow yourself to feel and embrace who you are as a person. Embracing those feelings doesn't make you weak, it in fact creates strength for the moments when you need to harness it.


Love every part of you, the stretch marks and curves. The wrinkles from smiling too hard. The obnoxious laugh.. everything and every part of you. When you love yourself, it’s a lot easier to tap into your feminine energy and embrace who you are. Remember that we are all human, we all have moments of insecurities and doubts. Love yourself through those moments, trust yourself. Even if you don't know how at first, start with doing something that makes you feel happy and beautiful.

Now, let's rock our Feminine Energy proudly!

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