The Secret Of Being The Greatest

We're all born into this world the same, we are born average. Most grew up with desires to be like our favorite icon, entertainer, or someone that we looked up to once as a child. If your athletic your hopes are to be like Micheal Jordan or Kobe Bryant and for the women we can say Beyonce, Oprah Winfrey, or Michelle Obama.

But what is the secret of being great or the greatest? Most will say talent, socioeconomics, and even genetics. Those factors will most definitely give you an advantage. However, what people don't teach you is all you have to do is have the discipline to be the greatest. The discipline to not just be average. To be the greatest comes with a great cost and the will power to do everything it takes to be the greatest. This is something that takes training not just physically but mentally.

This comes at a price that you will pay almost every day that you wake up that has to be paid. But you have to keep in mind that it will not be a choice it will be a way of life. As I studied some of the greatest from ( Business Guru's, Entertainer's, and Athletes). One commonality is the desire and determination to be the greatest is just as important as breathing.

You wake up earlier to train your body and mind while others sleep. You have late nights working on your craft and still have the discipline to wake up even if it's on 3 hours of sleep.

Your sacrifice will be time away from being with family and friends.

That's the sacrifice and the cost of giving up what most will make excuses for. The difference is only in the fact of being the greatest no excuses have room to exist. Not matter what it takes, you will turn your dreams into a reality. NO, and CAN'T is not apart of your vocabulary.

No matter what you choose to do in life if you have the passion and the heart to be the greatest. Do it without fear of humility.


Mary Elle

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