Understanding your power

Understanding your power

All the power you need is within you. We often do not fully understand our own power because we subconsciously give it to others. We live in a society where we tend to fall victim of our current and past circumstances. We tend to have an underlying energy that allows our past to hinder us.

As many of you reading this at one point or another you might often wonder how did i get through some of the toughest times in my life. Looking back on those past situations we often do not realize it was the power within the belief and faith or whatever you may call it. It is your power within.

We give our power away to people and situations that do not deserve it. We do this and we do not realize it. Giving your power to others keeps us in those unhealthy relationships, it makes you doubt yourself; it creates fear.

So how do you keep your power without compromising you? It must be nurtured daily to get stronger to grow. Some may call this willpower or that inner strength. I have listed a few tips on how to keep your personal power.

1. Practice forgiveness.

2. Establish boundaries that are healthy

3. Do not waste time or energy complaining.

4. Keep away, negative people. Understand you will not be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s okay!

5. Create a daily practice of gratitude. Start your day with being grateful to wake up.

6. Understand you cannot control everything.

7. Know your value

We are all are given the power to be the author of our lives. Remember where your power comes from and continue to be the best you!


Mary Elle

Posted by Mary Elle July 17, 2020 Posted

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