Why I will Forever be Obsessed with Soft Glam

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Soft Glam is in and we hope it never leaves! There is power in rocking a look that brings it without trying too hard. Whether is a Power Play bold lip with a neutral face, or a sultry eye with a simple nude gloss. It Gives what it's supposed to Give every time! That's why Soft Glam will forever be our go-to beauty look.

If you've been wanting to try this look these are our 3 Major Tips

When creating a Soft Glam look you want to start my choosing.....

The Star of the Show

When creating this look you need to decide " the star of the show" what are you going to accentuate in this look. Are your lips going to be the star by using bold colors or a dope lip combo that grabs everyone's attention? Is it going to be a look centering your eyes, this could be a smoky eye or a cut crease? No matter what you decide everyone's attention will go there first. So start your look by choosing one.

Blend it Baby

When creating this look it's super important to make sure that everything is beautifully blended. A soft look means that everything has a soft and diffused look and no harsh lines. A tip for creating a diffused eye - Try using a black or dark brown eye pencil over a liquid liner. When using a pencil you can easily create soft lines over super-defined lines. Grab a smudge brush and start blending out the eyeliner to your desired look.

Gloss it Up

If your eyes are taking center stage, adding gloss will add a soft and natural look. That is a great way to accentuate your lips while not overpowering your eyes.

Try these 3 tips and you will be well on your way to creating your soft glam look!

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