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Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Hey girl, the winter is here! With the long-awaited 'chill' season finally arrived, you'll be warming up by a blazing fire soon enough. While the winter season brings tons o' warm fuzzy feelings with snow, coziness, and hot chocolate, the cold temperatures can make skin not very happy at all! It’s natural, (and necessary!) to want to protect your skin from environmental problems. Here are some simple ways you can do so!

Winter Self Care

Winter is the perfect time for self-care with its freezing dry air - especially if you have sensitive skin or dryness. The stress of the season can also make inflammation skyrocket, calling for extra nourishing self-care. We say go ahead and indulge yourself with richer formulas that truly pamper your complexion into a radiant glow before jumping head first into this new season's offerings.

Winter Skin Woeful Facts

Studies show that all skin types are vulnerable to conditions like dermatitis and eczema as winter skin undergoes an actual change in the cell structure! Winter itch anyone? Who knew? It is also a perfect storm for rosacea sufferers.

Ok, we’re going to get ultra “science-y” now. It turns out that our skin has what’s called a Natural Moisturizing Factor which essentially dries out due to cold dry air from outside, as well hot dry air inside due to central heating. Thank goodness there is healthy natural skincare to bring relief.

Winter Wash Out

Your skin needs some love, now more than ever! You can start giving it an extra boost by swapping your harsh face cleanser for a gentler face wash and hot water for lukewarm to protect yourself against dryness!

For those that feel like nothing says "clean" other than suds, don’t worry! You don’t have to use a milk cleanser, just be sure to choose a sulfate-free cleanser so as not to strip your skin’s natural moisturizing factor, please!

pH Balance Skincare has a gel-based Hydrating Cleanser that effectively removes makeup and impurities (including waterproof mascara) with gentle cleansing agents and Hyaluronic Acid that leave skin soft, refreshed, and hydrated. Hydrating Skin Tip: Use in the shower and carry the travel-sized version in your bag for washing hands on the go because, the last we checked, the skin on our bodies is exposed to winter’s harshness, too!

Next, avoid steaming hot water when cleansing because it will strip away moisture from the epidermis even more! Lukewarm is the name of the game in the wintertime, as well as year-round.

Load Up On Antioxidants

There's no better time than winter to get your Retinol and Vitamin C on! Even if your skin is too photosensitive to use retinol or Vitamin C in the Summer, winter is your opportunity to dig into anti-aging skincare. Both antioxidants add an extra layer of protection against free radical damage while fighting off hyperpigmentation, aging, and acne, too! And who doesn't want healthier-looking skin? Green Tea Extract and Chrysanthemum Extract found in our Recovery Cream are also great antioxidants that help heal and alleviate the dry, discomfort skin experiences during the winter.

Moisturize Away

As wind chill factors can make things feel downright chilly on exposed faces, the skin needs richer moisturizing cream in the winter. Light formulas won't do you justice this time of year, so choose a moisturizer with healthy natural skincare oils and lipids like Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, and Sesame Seed Oil that help promote a healthy skin barrier.

Protect Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself!

Sorry! We couldn’t resist…because it is true! Don’t let cloudy days fool you - The sun shines throughout the year, making sun protection year-round non-negotiable! Help keep your skin youthful, glowing, and cancer-free by applying sunscreen regularly every season. Remember: Snow reflects more sunlight than grass or concrete, so be extra diligent about reapplication on snow days to protect your skin health. We like a sunscreen moisturizer that does double duty, so to help us (and you!) stick to a daily routine, we created our Outdoor Moisturizer with Sun Defense. With mineral-based Zinc Oxide, Hyaluronic Acid, and Avocado Oil, your skin will thank you!

Humidify It

In the cold winter months, your skin needs a little more help than usual. Humidity is one way to keep your skin from drying out and cracking, which can make you look older before your time! That's why we recommend an air humidifier for those long, cold nights spent cooped up inside with central heating blowing on your delicate barrier.

We hope you take heed of these simple solutions to beautifully tackle winter’s drying conditions.

Written by:

Kendall Weatherman

pH Balance Skincare

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